Why Buy From Us

1. Identical to the original

We are dedicated to crafting quality products specializing specifically in mid-century modern replicas that are accessible to everyone. With advanced technological capability, our experienced craftsmen are proficient in matching the originals for quality construction and utmost durability.

2. Safety Materials

All of our products heed to the highest North American standard. We follow a strict protocol to ensure that the quality of our products is maintained. The materials we offer are exclusive solely to Sohnne. We have a savvy sourcing team who hand selects premium materials and textiles from all over the globe

We choose fiberglass • NOT soft plastic
We choose #304 stainless steel • NOT soft metal
We choose fire retardant foam • NOT recycled foam
We choose premium durable textiles • NOT poor quality fabrics

3. Affordable Pricing

Since 2018, we have built a strong partnership with our factories. By going directly to the source, we are able to control the quality, which also allows us to offer classic midcentury modern pieces at an affordable price point.

4. Full Customization

We specialize in producing mid-century modern furniture in a full range of colors & materials to match any interior. Our production team is entirely equipped and capable of manufacturing any custom combination! Please contact [email protected] or +1 (833) 500-0968 and we would be happy to assist.